Are you living your purpose?

The most important thing you will ever do in this life is to live your purpose. True happiness and fulfilment in life only comes to us when we are serving our purpose in life. God has a plan and a purpose for your life, and it is very important to make sure you align with his purpose for you.

In my own personal life, I discovered that I feel truly happy when I do things that bring me fulfilment. For example, I like helping and inspiring people to become better in life. I like sharing inspirational words and messages and I generally and genuinely love helping and caring for others. These are things I find difficult to run away from. I also learnt that I may not be able to touch everyone but if I can touch one life at a time that is what matters.

When I felt inspired to write this book

I felt like God was talking to me personally. I later discovered that many people need to realize their purpose in life after I did my primary and Secondary research.

This book to me was an inspiration from above as it wasn’t one of those books I would just sit down and think of writing. Besides, I have never written another book before but for this specific book, the urge to write was so strong that I could not ignore it.

I strongly recommend that you get your ebook or paperback copy of this book and watch your life take a different turn.

Dare to be yourself

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. (quote by Ralph Waldo) and others like: Be yourself everyone else is already taken, and an original is always worth more than a photocopy. We always hear these quotes, but do we take the time to apply them to our lives?

Originality is very important if we are to live a fulfilled life. Every time you try to be something other than what you were made to be, you are denying yourself the power to fully express yourself. You are denying the world a gift that only you can give. No two people are ever the same even identical twins, we all have different paths in life, and it is sad when we divert from our paths because we think other people’s paths are more interesting to travel on.

When you accept the person you are, life becomes so easy, you do not struggle you are just yourself. People who like to copy others can only do it for so long, a time will come, and their real identity will be revealed. They also have to work extra hard as what they are doing is not something that comes naturally to them. They spend so much time acting like so and so, and they know they don’t even feel comfortable with it, but they would rather pretend to be someone they are not than to be the real people they are. It is important to understand that real freedom begins when we dare to be ourselves, when we accept who we are. Be who God created you to be.

Do you acknowledge who you are, or you are always trying to be someone else? Can you imagine a world where everybody is the same? There is power in diversification. We all have different talents and gifts. When we embrace our gifts and talents, we are making the world a better and enjoyable place to live in.

Useful resources

Please follow the links highlighted below to get some materials that will inspire you to live the life that God intended for you.

I especially recommend this book by a well renowned author Joel Osteen. The book will help you overcome negative thinking and any limitations people may have put on you hindering your progress in life. It will also help you to stop making excuses and decide enough is enough. You will then be empowered to take charge of your life and destiny and live the life you were meant to live.

This book also available on Amazon, will help you understand yourself better after understanding your core feelings. You will understand that feelings are not always bad but they are tools that allows us to live truthfully. When we are true to ourselves, we can then easily address the areas that we need to work on.

I recommend buying this book or even listening to the audible version. This book will also teach you the importance of being true to your authentic self so that you can be all you were meant to be.

Your mind is a powerhouse; ‘as a man thinks so is he’ Proverbs 23:7. You cannot be any different from the way you think. If you allow your mind to imagine the worst, so shall it be. The good thing is, you can change your way of thinking if you want to. You can become a person who focuses on positive things in life, in yourself and in other people. You can get rid of negative thinking pattern and allow yourself to see what is good instead of always trying to find fault. I recommend this book to you:

Other kindle ebooks:

General best sellers

You cannot be everything

No matter how talented you may think you are, you simply cannot be everything. It is true you may have more than one talent, but you cannot be everything and that means you do not belong everywhere. Stay within your lanes. The problem sometimes we have as human beings is, we want to be everything, everywhere. You were not made to do everything or to be everywhere, you will be too exhausted if you try to do this. For example in a church setting, you cannot be a singer, an usher, a deacon, in the children ministry etc, most of the times it is peoples demands we try to meet and we end up being exhausted and as a result we cannot fully operate in our gifting or talents because we are pulled in every direction.

If you want to be effective in your purpose, you must know for sure where you belong and give that area your undivided attention. Do not think you can be everywhere to prove to people how talented you are. You do not need to do this. While you can serve in other areas if required, make sure most of the times you always stick to your lane. You must therefore resist the pressure from others to divert you from your true purpose in life. They may not even know they are distracting you but you as an individual must recognize when others are trying to distract you. You may have to often say no politely when you feel pressurized to do or to serve where you do not feel you belong.

Your life Purpose

What is your life purpose?

Your life purpose is what motivates you to get up in the morning. It is that which gives your life a sense of direction, shapes your goals and gives your life a meaning. Well, we at least most of us get up early in the morning to go to work or to do something we consider important to us, but does that really mean we are living our purpose? For example, when you wake up early in the morning to go to work because you need to pay your house rent or bills does it really mean you are living and fulfilling your purpose? Well, yes and no. Yes, because you wake up early in the morning so excited to go to work in a job that gives you not only wages at the end of the month but satisfaction. In other words, you just love what you do. It’s your passion for what you do that gets you out of bed every single morning. You were made to do that which you are doing, and it is evident by how passionate you are about going to work every day. Well, how many people are passionate about their jobs? You know the answer to that question.

The truth of the matter is, most people go to work to earn a living and this is ok. You need to put food on your table, pay your bills, educate your children, go on vacation, buy yourself a home and the list goes on and on. There is nothing wrong with this, but I just wanted to show you that we all don’t get up in the morning because we are so excited we are doing so. Therefore, you see, getting up early in the morning does not necessarily mean you are living your purpose. It’s not just about getting up in the morning that aligns you with your purpose; it is that drive on the inside of you. People with a purpose don’t just get up in the morning because they need to, they get up because they have a burning desire to do that which they do, they feel void if they don’t do what they know they are supposed to be doing. These people may have millions in the bank, but they will still get up in the morning not because they need money but because they get satisfaction from what they do.

Discovering your Purpose

Do You know who you are?

Discovering your life’s purpose requires discovering yourself first. If you don’t know who you are how are you going to live a meaningful life? You must know the kind of person you are and accept that before you can impact other people’s lives. Most people are afraid of being themselves as they don’t feel they are good enough if they are themselves. To be yourself means you are free to be you. You are not ashamed of the person God made you to be. You are not trying to be someone you are not either. Often, we see people who try to copy others lifestyle, their way of talking, walking, dressing, singing and so on. They become what we call copycats, they feel others are better than them and so they want to be like them. This only makes things worse as when you are trying to be someone else you will struggle hard as you are not being authentic. You must always believe that you are good enough as there is nobody else who is exactly like you. Be original, you will function much better as an original not as a photocopy.

Origin of purpose

Whether we admit it or not, our purpose in life always have an origin. The origin of our purpose lies with the source of our lives. Acknowledging your creator or your source is the first step to living your life purpose. In this case God our maker is our source and we must acknowledge him in order to live a fulfilled and a purposeful life.

What do you enjoy doing?

There are things we all enjoy doing in life. These things usually give us satisfaction. We feel happier when doing the things that we enjoy as this comes naturally to us. Take some time now and reflect on your life. What do you really enjoy doing? What skills do you have that makes you stand out. Others may not understand you sometimes and that’s ok, here it is about you as an individual. Your purpose may be tied to the things you enjoy doing.

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