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Stop living other people’s life

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are”.Malcolm Forbes Successful people have dreams and are always working to fulfill those dreams. They understand they were created not live other people’s life but to live their own life and to do what they feel they are called to do. They don’tContinue reading “Stop living other people’s life”

Top Five Secrets to true happiness

Happiness is a common denominator in every human being. There is no human being who desires to be miserable in life. We are all in pursuit of happiness in all our daily endeavours. Everything we do in life is based on our desire to live a happy and comfortable life. You cannot say I wantContinue reading “Top Five Secrets to true happiness”

Cut out clutter from your life

How can you define your life of lately? How much clutter have you allowed to accumulate in your mental space?Sometimes our lives are full of so much unnecessary clutter. Things that occupy our space and time, without necessarily adding anything to our lives. What do you spend most of your time doing? How much timeContinue reading “Cut out clutter from your life”

Refuse To Live In Comfort Zones

Comfort zones make us feel safe and at ease. We are used to and familiar with who we are and our surroundings. We are happy with the way things are. We are happy when others are doing things for us, who wouldn’t want breakfast in bed every morning, comfy isn’t it? This is just aContinue reading “Refuse To Live In Comfort Zones”

How resilient are you in life?

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. People with a sense of purpose are able turn life’s proverbial lemons to lemonade, in other words, they are able to find meaning in life’s difficulties. They can turn their difficulties into opportunities. They do not dwell on their challenges, but they try to find aContinue reading “How resilient are you in life?”