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Dare to be yourself

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. (quote by Ralph Waldo) and others like: Be yourself everyone else is already taken, and an original is always worth more than a photocopy. We always hear these quotes, but do we take the time to apply them to our lives? Originality is very important if we are to live a fulfilled life. Every time you try to be something other than what you were meant to be, you are denying yourself the power to fully express yourself. You are denying the world a gift that only you can give. No two people are ever the same even identical twins, we all have different paths in life, and it is sad when we divert from our paths because we think other people’s paths are more interesting to travel on.

when you accept the person you are, life becomes so easy, you do not struggle you are just yourself. People who like to copy others can only do it for so long, a time will come, and their real identity will be revealed. They also have to work extra hard as what they are doing is not something that comes naturally to them, they have to spend so much time acting like so and so, and they know they don’t even feel comfortable with it but they would rather pretend to be someone they are not than to be the real people they are. It is important to understand that real freedom begins when we dare to be ourselves, when we accept who we are.

Do you acknowledge who you are, or you are always trying to be someone else? Can you imagine a world where everybody is the same? There is power in diversification. We all have different talents and gifts, when we embrace our gifts and talents, we are making the world a better and enjoyable place to live in.

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