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what motivates you?

Whatever we do in life, we are always motivated by something. There is always a motive behind what we do or say whether we like to admit it or not. For example, if you show an act of kindness there is always something that motivates you to show that act of kindness. If you happen to meet a beggar in the street, and you give him your money, there is that something on the inside of you that made you to reach out and help. You were probably moved by his poor state and decided to help wherever you can, or you just wanted to display your acts of kindness for others to see. It is either for one reason or the other. If no one saw you putting your money in the beggar’s bowl would you still have done it, or would you still have done the much that you did?

Your motivation in life matters a lot, why do you do what you do? What’s the main reason behind whatever it is that you are doing if you can be honest with yourself? If there was nothing in it for you, would you still have done it? If you were not getting any attention would you still continue to do whatever it is you were doing? If nobody saw you helping the poor children would you still have gone ahead and done it?

It is important to make sure we do everything with the right motive, a pure motive. This is the reason why you need to be asking yourself, why am I doing this? what is the real motive behind it? If I don’t get applauded, will I still carry on doing this? If I don’t get anything in return, will I still continue to be kind regardless? Asking yourself these questions will help you judge your motives in whatever you do. The truth is, you can never lie to yourself, deep within, you know the reason why you do things. Sometimes I hear people say, oh, I did so much for so and so but they didn’t reciprocate. Well, you were doing it expecting something in return and that’s the reason why you were disappointed. If you knew that you won’t get anything in return, then you probably wouldn’t have offered a helping hand to your friend or to whoever you helped out. We need to be careful when doing acts of kindness to others. It must not be about what we expect to receive from the people we show kindness to. We must make sure our motivation is always pure.

In my life, I have offered help to people some of whom I’ve never met and will probably never meet. I have also helped people who were never there for me when I needed help and I have also received support from people I have never helped or never expected to receive help from. If you understand that when you do good to others it will always come back to you in unexpected ways, then, it doesn’t really bother you whether the person will pay you back or not. You just do it because you are convinced that it’s the right thing to do. It is also very important to listen to your heart. Sometimes you will hear a voice telling you to do something for somebody and when you obey that voice, you find that you can never go wrong. You will have peace of mind as a result. You are not doing things out of emotions which sometimes you come to regret later. Do the right thing even when no one is watching, one day you will be rewarded for it. In the Bible, we are told not to display our acts of kindness before men to be seen by them. (Matthew 6:1) This does not mean we shouldn’t perform random acts of kindness before men, it simply means that our motives should be pure with or without anyone watching us. In all that you do, especially when it comes to helping or serving others, always ask yourself these questions to determine your real motive:

Why am I doing this ?

Will I still do this even if am getting nothing out of it?

Will I still continue doing this even if nobody applauds me?

Published by Ruth Maingi

I am a freelance writer and a blogger who is passionate about inspiring people to live their lives to the full and to be all they were meant to be. I am the author of the book titled, Are You Living Your Purpose? available on the Amazon store. My joy is to see people happy and fulfilled in life.

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