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Refuse To Live In Comfort Zones

Comfort zones make us feel safe and at ease. We are used to and familiar with who we are and our surroundings. We are happy with the way things are. We are happy when others are doing things for us, who wouldn’t want breakfast in bed every morning, comfy isn’t it? This is just a simple and ideal life example but this is how comfortable we can get when living in comfort zones. We feel threatened if we try to do things we have never done before. We get used to our normal way of life and hence, our comfort zones. It may feel safe and secure for us to live this way, but comfort zones will never allow us to fully evolve to the people God intended us to be.

Living in comfort zones inhibits our growth. The unwillingness to stretch ourselves for the fear of the unknown will stagnate us in life. It will hinder our progress and incapacitate our mental agility. It may be attractive to us for some time but when we come to realize we are not getting anywhere in life, we will understand the dangers of living in comfort zones.

Yes, the Bible reminds us to be content as Paul states in (Philippians 4:11-13) but this does not mean we stay in one place in life. It means we should be happy at wherever point we find ourselves in life knowing that God is always there for us. It doesn’t indicate in any way that we remain in the same place forever. Being content doesn’t mean we stop developing ourselves, in fact, each day we should strive to become a better version of ourselves. We should aim to improve ourselves on a regular basis. We should aim to become a better person than we were yesterday.

Comfort zones make us afraid to try new things or to move out of our surroundings. In our hearts, we know we need a change but we are too afraid to venture out of our comfort zones. We keep desiring better things and better lives but we are too afraid to fail or to try in case we don’t succeed. Comfort zones, therefore, breed the fear of what could possibly go wrong.

Unfortunately, our lives will always remain the same until we decide to do what we are always afraid of doing. We have to conquer the fear of what could go wrong and focus on what could go right. Instead of always supposing what could possibly go wrong, suppose things work out for the better? Suppose our lives could change for the better?

If you want to make progress in life, you need to dare to get out of your comfort zones. It may be scary at first yes, but every bit you do as you try to get out of your comfort zones will make the next step easier and better. If you look back at your life, are there things you never thought you will never be able to do? You were comfortable with your life until you decided to pursue that career, learn that new skill, start that business. I believe we all have achieved our own milestones which we possibly never thought were achievable no matter how small these are and this should motivate you to get out of your comfort zones and do what you desire to do in life.

Published by Ruth Maingi

I am a freelance writer and a blogger who is passionate about inspiring people to live their lives to the full and to be all they were meant to be. I am the author of the book titled, Are You Living Your Purpose? available on the Amazon store. My joy is to see people happy and fulfilled in life.

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