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You cannot be everything

No matter how talented you may think you are, you simply cannot be everything. It is true you may have more than one talent, but you cannot be everything and that means you do not belong everywhere. Stay within your lanes. The problem sometimes we have as human beings is, we want to be everything, everywhere. You were not made to do everything or to be everywhere, you will be too exhausted if you try to do this. For example in a church setting, you cannot be a singer, an usher, a deacon, in the children ministry etc, most of the times it is peoples demands we try to meet and we end up being exhausted and as a result we cannot fully operate in our gifting or talents because we are pulled in every direction.

If you want to be effective in your purpose, you must know for sure where you belong and give that area your undivided attention. Do not think you can be everywhere to prove to people how talented you are. You do not need to do this. While you can serve in other areas if required, make sure most of the times you always stick to your lane. You must therefore resist the pressure from others to divert you from your true purpose in life. They may not even know they are distracting you but you as an individual must recognize when others are trying to distract you. You may have to often say no politely when you feel pressurized to do or to serve where you do not feel you belong.

Published by Ruth Maingi

I am a freelance writer and a blogger who is passionate about inspiring people to live their lives to the full and to be all they were meant to be. I am the author of the book titled, Are You Living Your Purpose? available on the Amazon store. My joy is to see people happy and fulfilled in life.

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