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Discovering your Purpose

Do You know who you are?

Discovering your life’s purpose requires discovering yourself first. If you don’t know who you are how are you going to live a meaningful life? You must know the kind of person you are and accept that before you can impact other people’s lives. Most people are afraid of being themselves as they don’t feel they are good enough if they are themselves. To be yourself means you are free to be you. You are not ashamed of the person God made you to be. You are not trying to be someone you are not either. Often, we see people who try to copy others lifestyle, their way of talking, walking, dressing, singing and so on. They become what we call copycats, they feel others are better than them and so they want to be like them. This only makes things worse as when you are trying to be someone else you will struggle hard as you are not being authentic. You must always believe that you are good enough as there is nobody else who is exactly like you. Be original, you will function much better as an original not as a photocopy.

Published by Ruth Maingi

I am a freelance writer and a blogger who is passionate about inspiring people to live their lives to the full and to be all they were meant to be. I am the author of the book titled, Are You Living Your Purpose? available on the Amazon store. My joy is to see people happy and fulfilled in life.

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